Scramble Squares Puzzle - Frogs

B'Dazzle Scramble Squares Brain Teaser Puzzle Frogs

  • 1298

Unscramble the nine 4" x 4" square pieces by perfectly matching the beautiful illustrations on the squares' edges, while forming a 12" x 12" square. Sound easy? It's not! Can you unscramble the nine squares without scrambling your brain? See why Scramble Squares are "Easy to Play, But Hard to Solve!" Ages 4 to 104


It seems as though everybody loves frogs! The Frogs Scramble Squares®, with its brilliant colors and exotic species, is no exception. The Frogs Scramble Squares® puzzle is always the number 1 or 2 best seller of all the Scramble Squares® styles, bought.

Manufacturer:  B'Dazzle

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