Thinkfun Toot and Otto Strategy Game

Thinkfun, Toot and Otto Strategy Game

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This simple strategy game makes for great fun as two players each take on the personality of Toot or Otto. Both of these dogs have something to prove… which one of these pups will make the winning move? Who’ll be the first to spell Otto or Toot by dropping their letters down any vertical chute? This multi-directional game is a hoot. Who will be better Otto or Toot? Watch closely as you plan your next drop. Strategy is how you end up on top. For head-to-head challenge that’s second to none, TOOT and OTTO is doggone fun! Features a second level of cooperative play that encourages kids to play together. For 2 players, ages 4 to 8.

Ages 4–8/Multi-Player

Learning Skills: Critical Thinking and Strategy Development

Features • Two Types of Play—Competitive or Cooperative